ICA Monthly Meeting – July 10, 2018



  • Brenda Feehery
  • Chad Briggs
  • Kevin Pietka
  • Lisa Hilleren
  • Amy Harrell


ICA Website Calendar

  • Brenda working on a calendar update
  • Having issues finding ownership to website, Kelly trying to find information



  • Lap counters and bell for $455, should see in next few days
  • Gives us 2 full new lap counter sets


Promoter Meeting

  • Poorly attended, but great content
  • Have a recording for later use
  • Upload to PSIMET YouTube or ICA YouTube? ICA set up YouTube account? ICA YouTube preferred


ICA Cup Update

  • Last race for season is Bloomington Saturday July 14
  • No mugs, more of a decoration for 1st
  • Medals 3 deep, would like to see prizes for 2nd and 3rd
  • State Champ jerseys with Feehery’s



  • $31,400 in account currently
  • Have spent a little over $1k
  • License plates have been renewed on trailer, need to put stickers on plates


Social Media

  • Working on getting access for all accounts to race promoters before their race


LA Meeting

  • Who wants to go?
  • Mid September