2018 Illinois Cycling Association Elections

Positions Up for Election:
President (1 year term)
Vice President

Support Roles:
State Championship Inventory Manager
Equipment Manager
Social Media Manager
Website Manager
Email Manager
New Committee Leader

Nominations due January 31st, 2018

The Illinois Cycling Association is a non-profit volunteer driven organization that receives funds from USA Cycling (based on race participation and membership) to put back into the community. Of the 34 local associations across the state, many charge members additional fees in the form of club fees, race day surcharges and membership fees to facilitate infrastructure such as race equipment, officials support, best area rider contests, state championship jerseys, grant programs and clinics. The ICA has long prided itself on avoiding those fees and has done so with a generous partnership with BikeReg, a healthy racing community and the work of volunteers. Our goal has been to maintain this cost effective structure for racers while trying to support all disciplines across the entire state. We wish to maintain this and do better in the future, but we need your help. Please review the opportunities to support local bike racing below and see if something would be a good fit.

If you are interested in any of the positions below, or wish to nominate someone you think would do a great job,  please use the contact form (http://www.illinoiscycling.org/contact) to let us know by January 31st. Include the nominee’s name and club, the position of interest and a short explanation of why it’s a good fit.

Note: Starting in 2018, the ICA board will have staggered elections. This will prevent complete turn-over of the board and allow historical information to persist, making the on-boarding process smoother. In this election, our Officer At-Large (and Illinois Cup Director), Chad Briggs will remain on the board. The President will serve a one-year term. The Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer elected in 2018 will serve a two-year term. In 2019 there will be an election for the President and Officer At-Large positions.

Open Positions:

President (1 year term)
Drive monthly public meetings. Assist in communicating information between local members (racers, event directors, officials, coaches), the association and USA Cycling. Motivate and execute actions towards a more effective cycling community.

Vice President
Act as President in the President’s absence or provide assistance to them. Ensure the success of the ICA. Facilitate improvements in the local cycling community.

Take meeting minutes for all association meetings. Promote communication between local members and the association.

Keep the organization in good financial standing with active non-profit status with tasks such as:
– Keeping a financial record of money going in and out of the organization
– Approve payment of bills or pay bills on behalf of the association (examples: grants, equipment expenses, officials reimbursements)
– Submitting 990 tax form annually
– Providing required documents to USA Cycling to maintain active local association status (990 form, financial records, W9)

View role definitions within the context of our bylaws.

Shared duties of the entire board may include:
– attend all monthly ICA public calls, contribute relevant topics
– assist in communication to members
– organize an annual race directors meeting
– maintain and adhere to bylaws
– review event permits as an assist to the Event Coordinator
– manage state championship race selection, and BAR/BAT competitions
– facilitate programs or projects to enhance Illinois’ competitive cycling community
– attend monthly Local Association calls hosted by USA Cycling
– attend the annual Local Association Symposium by USA Cycling
– maintain general function of the Local Association (make sure coordinator roles are filled and running well, help organize an annual officials meeting and officials training as needed, instate new programs, guidelines or methods where needed)

NEW Volunteer Opportunities…
Support Roles Outside of the Board (could be a board member, but doesn’t need to be):

State Championship Inventory Manager
Store items for state championships (jerseys and medals). Keep inventory of state champ items. notify board if quantities are running low. Contact race directors of state championships and arrange getting inventory to them before race day and collecting it afterward.

Equipment Manager
Keep Inventory of ICA equipment (including tents, truss, stage, camera). Notify board if any equipment needs to be replaced or fixed. Communicate with race directors to schedule convenient pick-up/drop-off times.

Social Media Manager
Manage social media for ICA to help promote all of it’s events and communicate pertinent information to the community. (Could be broken up by discipline)

Website Manager (WordPress)
Keep the race calendar on the website up to date. Add pertinent content. Work with Social Media Manager to share communications across platforms. Maintain domain name (renew every 2-years).

Email Manager
Manage MailChimp account to send regular communications to members. Work with Social Media Manager and Website Manager to keep content consistent.

“Make It Happen” Manager
– Want to see a cohesive beginner clinic schedule?
– Want to promote women’s racing?
– Want to encourage Juniors racing? Organize a bike share for growing youth racers to have access to bikes?
– Want to organize a cross-discipline best rider challenge?
The ICA can help you make it happen, but we need you to take the lead. Offer to start a committee in an area you are passionate about, and let’s see if we can make it work.

These support roles are also responsible for attending monthly public calls as a means to keep communication with the board.

****We will post the schedule for elections before January 31st.****