Photo Credit: Edmund White

Confusion abounds when it come to what the ICA is and what it does. Hopefully this FAQ will eliminate some of that confusion.

What is the Illinois Cycling Association (the ICA)?

Like the United States has states, USA Cycling has Local Associations which administers bicycle racing for USAC for regions throughout the country. The Illinois Cycling Association is the Local Association for Illinois. As such, the ICA has two main responsibilities: governing and growing bike racing in Illinois.

Governing the Sport of Cycling means the ICA:
-Recruits and trains new USAC Officials, and helps seasoned officials upgrade to work larger events.
-Assigns Officials to races and works with race directors to assign the needed crew sizes.
-Purchases and maintains equipment used in running registration, scoring race finishes, and posting quick and accurate results.
-Purchases equipment to make races run smoother and be more professional like a finish line truss and stage.
-Makes sure races are officiated professionally and that promoters upload results to USAC in a timely manner.
-Selects individuals to hold three important Coordinator Positions: Upgrade Coordinator, Officials Coordinator, and Permitting Coordinator. More on these positions below.

Growing the Sport of Cycling means the ICA:
-Uses knowledge of what is happening in Illinois and reports back to USAC about what is working and not working to grow the sport.
-Maintains annual “State Championship Races” and manages series like the Illinois Cup.
-Allocates funds to cycling clinics and events through our grant program.
-Maintains several committees to grow certain aspects of the sport.
-Coordinates an organized and balanced race calendar.
-Communicates through an annual race director’s meeting what the racing calendar looks like and informing race directors about changes to USAC rulebook.
-Invests in the USAC Race Clean program, working with USADA at events to help promote clean racing in our state.
-Fosters effective communication between all racers, clubs, promoters, fans and the USAC.

The above is just a sample of what the ICA does.

The ICA is a 501C3 organization. We have bylaws which may be found HERE. Decisions regarding all of the above topics are made during the ICA meetings.

Who can attend ICA meetings? When and where are they held?

Any USAC licensed cyclist, coach, race director, or official is a member and may attend ICA meetings. Currently, meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month via conference call at 8:00. The call-in number is 641-715-3272 and participant code is 436-372.

What is the ICA Board? Who is on the ICA Board?

Like any 501c3, the ICA is run by a Board of Directors. Any ICA member can run for one of the board positions. Each board term is two years long. Your current ICA Board members can be found here. The board positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Officer-at-Large. You can find specifics on the responsibilities of the board positions in our by-laws.

What does the Upgrade Coordinator do?

When you apply for an upgrade through USAC, it’s NOT a computer program taking your request and tabulating results. USAC defers category upgrades (for all upgrades EXCEPT Cat 2 to Cat 1) to the ICA’s Upgrade coordinator. The holder of this position is chosen by the ICA board. USAC defers upgrades to a local official because he/she has a much better view of the Illinois racing landscape. He or she uses race results along with his or her own judgement about a racer’s ability and experience to approve or deny upgrades. Also, because a local upgrade coordinator only has to oversee upgrades in Illinois, upgrade requests can be responded to in a much more timely fashion–sometimes as fast as same day!

What does the Permits Coordinator do?

The permits coordinator checks each racing or training event’s permit application for completeness. They will then approve the permit or send it back for changes. They also make sure the event’s flyer has all pertinent information. The permitting coordinator also sees that the event route is safe.

What does the Officials Coordinator do?

The officials coordinator leads the assignments of officials to events. They are also responsible for helping to recruit new officials and hosting/leading officials’ training clinics keeping the IL officials current with new rules and regulations.