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The ICA has monthly meetings to discuss topics pertinent to USA Cycling sanctioned racing in Illinois. We would like to offer an in-person option a couple times a year, but for now, count on these meetings being a call-in on the second Monday of every month at 7:30pm. The agenda will be posted to this website before each meeting, and the meetings will be posted here and on the calendar. Everyone is welcome to join these meetings.

We aim to archive these meeting notes, along with any other pertinent meeting notes to ensure transparency and encourage participation and public knowledge of our process.

2016 ICA Meeting Schedule

February 8th
March 14th
April 11th
May 9th
June 13th
July 11th
August 8th
September 12th
October 10th
November 14th
December 12th

USA Cycling Local Association Call-Ins

Along with our monthly ICA meeetings, monthly Local Association (LA) meetings are held by USA Cycling representatives to talk with LA Boards about rules and initiatives that affect all LAs across the nation and offer an open forum for LA boards to voice ideas or concerns. If you have an idea or a concern, contact us. If it’s out of our wheelhouse, we can discuss it with the national board on one of these calls.

2016 USAC LA Call-Ins

Other Meetings of Interest

Notes from our Race Directors Meeting will be posted here after the event. Please join us at this in-person meeting if you can. A remote option will also be available.