Photo Credit: Sean Gaskins

While the ICA loves mountain biking too, the permitting and governance of mountain bike races falls on the USAC regional coordinator, not the Illinois Cycling Association.

A few good Illinois resources for mountain bike racing (and where to go mountain biking in general) are the Chicago Area Mountain Bikers, Peoria Area Mountain Bikers Association, and The Bonebell.

2021 Illinois MTB State Champions

14U Cat 3 Junior  Women 

Hannah Moeching

14U Cat 3 Junior  Men

Jacob Anderton

Cat 3 Novice  Women

Alexa Perrow

19-29 Cat 3 Novice Men

Mateo Beeney

30-39 Cat 3 Novice Men

Mike Herr

40-49 Cat 3 Novice Men

Daniel Johnson

50-59 Cat 3 Novice Men

Daniel Kolar

19-29 Cat 2 Sport Men

Kevin Ramos

30-39 Cat 2 Sport Men

David Hakes

40-49 Cat 2 Sport Men

Justin Stevens

50-59 Cat 2 Sport Men

Michael Carney

60+ Cat 2 Sport Men

Jerry Porter

39 & Under Cat 1 Expert Women

Brianna Overby

40+ Cat 1 Expert Women 

Beverly Enslow

40-49 Cat 1 Expert Men

Michael Robertson

50-59 Cat 1 Expert Men

Jarrod Kerkhoff