Early 2019 News

We are attempting to test a new process for determining State Championship venues. The process will now include 3 parts – a Committee nominated by members and selected by the board form those nominations, a vote of the board, and votes of the club/team members. We are using this process to determine the 2019 State Criterium Championship venue. As such we are opening up nominations for committee members. We will need enough nominations to allow us to fill the 5 positions.

All nominations must be from a ICA licensed member (if you have a 2019 USA Cycling License that is valid and in good standing and your listed address on that license is Illinois then you are automatically a member of the ICA) in good standing and the nominated individuals must be members also. Please submit your nominations to the ICA via email at ilcyclingassociation@gmail.com

Last year the ICA board voted to shift the terms of some of the officers in an effort to allow gradual change as new officers come on board instead of a completely new board after an election as has happened in the past. It can take a long time to find all of the logins, accounts, information, files, etc so it is easy to understand why that decision was made. What that means is that the election last year for Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President were for 2 year terms and will be up for re-election next year. The position of President (currently held by Robert Curtis) was only a 1 year term. The At-Large position held by Chad Briggs was held over from the previous board and will join the President in being elected in off years.

This means that these two positions are now open for election. Robert and Chad have both expressed that they both would like to serve in those positions again and will run. That being said we are still holding an election and are now stating that this will be the open nomination period for the positions of President and At-Large for the ICA-Board. As above if you are a licensed member of the ICA in good standing you are free to nominate any other member in good standing to run for either position. That member must accept that nomination in order to participate in the election.

As in years before – once the nominations have been made all teams will be allowed to cast a single vote in each race – as a team.

The nomination period for both the committee for State Championships and for the election will be open until Monday 3/4/19.