Announcing the 2021 Cyclocross Border Battle Competition

What is it? A scoring competition where riders can collect points for themselves as well as for their state by racing at the cyclocross races listed.

Prizes/awards? Jersey for winners. State title will go towards a yet to be determined traveling trophy.

How do you score points?

  1. At least 20 riders from Illinois and 20 riders from Wisconsin must compete in order for points to count for that event.
  2. Scoring is done after the fact and will be tracked through the season.
  3. 15 points will be awarded to the top finisher. 14 to second and so on until all points have been awarded.
  4. Because all races will have different schedules and categories splits we will produce a cross reference that tells you which race each division’s points will be awarded in beforehand so you can choose the correct race to compete in if applicable. We will do our best to make sure it makes the most sense possible but conflicts may occur.
  5. “Divisions” will be the individual competitions. They will be called out as follows:
    1. Women Advanced (P/1/2)
    2. Women Intermediate (3/4)
    3. Women Novice (5/Novice)
    4. Men Advanced (P/1/2/3)
    5. Men Intermediate (4) – IL races currently don’t have a 3/4 race
    6. Men Novice(5/Novice)
    7. Jr Male 15-18
    8. Jr Female 15-18
    9. Jr Male 13-15
    10. Jr Female 13-15
    11. Masters Women 35+
    12. Masters Men 35+
  6. The races where points can be collected are as follows:
    1. 9/12 WI– LAPTLion Cross – Waterford
    2. 9/18 WI- Flyover Silver Creek – Manitowoc
    3. 9/25 WI– Sun Prairie Cup – Sun Prairie
    4. 9/26 IL- Caldwell Woods– xxx – Chicago
    5. 10/17 IL- Glenwood – SCW – South Chicago
    6. 10/23 WI– Pumpkin Cross – Grafton
    7. 10/24 IL– Sunrise Park – ABD
    8. 10/30 WI– CrossFire – Sun Prairie
    9. 10/31 IL- Campton – guaranteed rate
    10. 11/7 IL- Woodstock – PSIMET
    11. 11/28 IN- Region Riot – Region Racing

More information about each race: Illinois races will share information via Bikereg for each race as well as the USA Cycling website and when possible.

Scoring and division to race category breakdown for each race is located here


  1. What if a race ends up being cancelled? Then there won’t be any points awarded for that race. The competition will be among whatever points are awarded.
  2. That’s a lot of races – am I really expected to attend all of them? Nope. Attend what you can or want. You will collect points if you attend and there are at least 19 others from your state competing as well.
  3. Only 5 from my state showed up – will we get points? Nope. No one will. No Wisconsin or Illinois riders.
  4. Those 5 riders raced 4 times each… that’s “20” right? Suuure. This is supposed to be fun so why not.
  5. We tried to get a lot of riders to go but we only ended up with 17 entries so will we get points? We’ll discuss it but most likely yes. It’s about the spirit of the battle and making sure there’s “enough” attending to be representative.
  6. Why do Wisconsinites drive so slow in the left lane? We don’t know but we think it might be a byproduct of eating so much cheese.
  7. Where will we find results? We will process them and have them available in a google doc.
  8. Brewers, Cubs or Sox? Blackhawks actually.
  9. Covid? Please follow each race’s and local municipality’s Covid guidelines. Only you can decide whether or not you want to participate.