State Criterium Championships – Team Vote

As a part of determining the 2019 State Criterium Championship venue we have decided to hear form all of the teams. Each club/team that is a member of the Illinois Cycling Association is allowed to vote 1 time. Each club should select one member to vote on their behalf. Usually this should be your club or team president/leader, etc. Your choice.

Below is a brief statement from each venue:

Cobb Park, June 2, 2019.  Kankakee, Illinois

The South Chicago Wheelmen are one of the oldest, most respected bicycle teams in Illinois.  Many club members have been with the team for 20 years plus.  Three members are currently, or have recently, sat on the board of the Illinois Cycling Association.  Three members are USAC Officials.

The South Chicago Wheelmen have a long history of hosting bicycle races, averaging four per year: including the two day cyclocross racing at Pheasant Run.

The South Chicago Wheelmen have hosted many State Championship races in their long history: including the first National Cyclocross Championship in 1963.

The South Chicago Wheelmen have cultivated an excellent relationship with the community surrounding Cobb Park.  Many homes turn the event into a holiday and have large parties and cheer on the races.  Former Governor George Ryan lives on the course.

Cobb Park is a lovely park alongside the Kankakee River.  It has many amenities for the whole family making it an ideal place to spend the day.

The .7 mile course is mostly oval with a few “narrowing” spots on the backside.  It is not overtly technical.  It is, essentially, a racers course which favors the strongest rider of the day.  It offers few places to hide and cannot be finessed.  To win at Cobb Park, one must be the best rider of his category: making it an ideal course to crown a State Champion.  “


Lake Bluff – July 27

Thank you for the opportunity to state how holding the 2019 ICA IL State Criterium Championships in Lake Bluff, IL on Saturday, July 27, 2019 would be good for Illinois bike racing.  As you know, the Lake Bluff event is part of the Intelligentsia Cup series.  Here are some of the benefits of the Lake Bluff venue:

The Lake Bluff racecourse is tried and true. Several NCC/PRT events have been held on this course.  It is a fast, challenging six-corner course – worthy of the state crit championships.

The Lake Bluff event draws an average of 4,000 to 5,000 spectators each year in good weather, with many lawn parties around the course. A big, lively crowd of spectators makes for better bike racing.

Holding the state crit championships near the end of the crit season is an advantage in that competitors will be in good racing shape then.

Ample food and beverages (ie, beer) will be available in the vibrant Block Party area in Lake Bluff adjacent to the racecourse and live music is also scheduled there after the racing. Kids and adults will enjoy BMX stunt rider Chris Clark who will do several shows in Lake Bluff. So, competitors and family and guests will all have a good time.

Truly excellent first aid facilities are provided at the Lake Bluff venue by Northwestern Medicine, including experienced ER doctors and nurses.

Holding the state crit championships in Lake Bluff serves the Illinois cycling community by providing nearby access to many Illinois racers who live in the Chicago Metro Area and northern Illinois.”


Winfield Criterium – Sept 7

Founded over 37 years ago, Athletes by Design originally focused on the development of young junior riders but has now grown to include riders of all ages and abilities, including paracycling.

We host several events throughout the year beginning in January with our indoor time trial series. We also host a 3 day criterium series specifically geared towards masters racing on memorial day weekend, an end of season series known as fall fling which runs over two weekends and includes a circuit race, two criteriums, and a time trial; and our Sunrise park cyclocross race which has been a staple of the Chi-cross cup series for over 10 years.

Our biggest race of the season however has always been the Winfield criterium. For the past 21 years it has been a staple in the Chicagoland area’s road racing calendar and brings to the table a proven venue and top notch production, as well as an ability to integrate riders who are traditionally ABR Criterium racers into the mix as well.

Tied into the Winfield Good Ole Days festival, the Criterium is one of several attractions that brings out crowds and participants of all ages. It’s the perfect backdrop for hosting the State Championship and exposing the community to competitive cycling.

The course itself is very different than the flat, four corner crits commonly found in the Chicagoland area. Consisting of 9 corners, a moderate uphill on the front section of the course, and a fast winding descent before the flat and wide open finishing straight a racer at the Winfield criterium must bring more than just big sprinting legs to the table if they want to win.

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood just east of Oakwood park in Winfield the course offers minimal traffic, ample parking, public transportation from the Winfield Metra station which is located less than a mile from the course, multiple different viewpoints for spectators, and the park itself makes the location extremely family friendly. Families living in the neighborhood have taken a liking to the race as well, often inviting family and friends over to barbecue and watch the race.

Strategically placed on a Saturday the first weekend in September it will be a perfect ending for many rider’s road season or tune up for final races like the Gateway cup. Not being a part of a series also allows us an opportunity to focus on elevating the prestige of each individual State Championship victory.

Please take a minute and vote. We wish to receive all votes by March 22, 2019

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